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Chef Chad Hyatt

I am an American-born-and-raised chef with a deep interest in and passion for the regional cuisine of Spain.

My first introductions to Spanish cuisine came many years ago, but spending a lot of time in Spain in recent years, as a local more than as a tourist, along with living full time with my Spanish partner, have helped me really dive deeply into the subject matter. I still live in the San Francisco Bay area, and have cooked in all kinds of restaurants and private clubs over the years. These days my chefing is of the freelance variety, and I enjoy all of the freedom that goes with that.

This website is all about sharing and teaching. I hope to bring that passion and appreciation of this fantastic food culture to a wider English-speaking audience.


For more basic info about the site, check out FAQ’s or the welcome blog

Expecting to see me cooking mushrooms?

Many of you may know me from my active role in the wild mushroom community.


Don’t worry, I am still an obsessed mushroom hunter, still regularly do presentations for mushroom groups and events, do mushroom dinners, and generally share the myco-love. Don’t expect that to ever stop.


But, I started this site to explore and share some of my favorite bits of Spanish culture and food with you – not to talk mushrooms. Certain regions in Spain are as mushroom crazy as anywhere in western Europe, and, from time to time my esoteric mushroom knowledge will come into play in the discussions here. 


If you don’t know me from the wild mushroom side of things, and you are curious to, here is the website for my book The Mushroom Hunter’s Kitchen. 

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