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Tapas and Bar Snacks

Buñuelos de Bacalao

Fluffy, light, salt cod and potato fritters


Gambas al Ajillo

Shrimp with garlic

Patatas Bravas

The ultra popular bar snack. 

Tortilla de Patatas 

An iconic dish, popular all over Spain.

Tortillitas de Cádiz 

Shrimp and garbanzo flour fritters from Cádiz.

Cazon en Adobo

Marinated, fried fish from Andalucia.

Pulpo a la Japalego

My take on the classic Galician octopus dish.

Vegetable Sides and Starters

Berenjenas a la Miel

Simple Andaluz preparation of eggplant with honey

Cardos a la Navarra

Cardoons in a light sauce with jamón. 


The Catalan answer to French ratatouille


Coliflor a la Suegra

A saucy cauliflower recipe from my mother in law.


Ember roasted vegetables from Catalonia. 

Rice, Pasta, and Legumes


Seafood pasta dish that's extremely popular in Coastal Catalonia

Arroz con Setas

Hearty Catalan rice featuring wild mushrooms, typical for autumn.​

Arroz Negro

"Black Rice" featuring cuttlefish and squid, and colored by their ink.

Paella Mixta Valenciana

This rice dish with seafood and rabbit is perhaps the most iconic dish in all of Spanish cuisine. 

Canelons de Sant Esteve

Meat filled baked pasta for the day after Christmas. 

Garbanzos con Chorizo

Hearty comfort food popular throughout all of Spain.

Alubias con Almejas

Simple, hearty Galician preparation of beans with clams

Faves a la Catalana

Simple fava bean stew. One of the most popular spring time dishes in Catalonia.

Mongetes amb Bolets

Hearty Catalan mushroom and bean dish, typical in autumn.


Tips and Techniques


A recipe for the ubiquitous sauce, and

how to fix a broken Aioli, including an instructional video

Sofrito and Picada

A look at one of the basic building blocks in cooking throughout Spain


How to make chicken stock, vegetable stock, and seafood stocks - essential ingredients for other recipes​

How to Clean Squid

A quick video lesson

Tools and Ingredients

The Cazuela

The earthenware cooking and serving vessels used all over Spain

Pimentón de la Vera

The famous smoked paprika, essential to so many classic Spanish foods

Arroz Bomba

The special rice grown in Valencia, essential for a number of traditional Spanish dishes, such as paella. 


The "saffron milk cap," a special mushroom revered by the Catalans, and loved throughout Spain.


Lighter Fare and Starters


Very old, traditional, cold, almond and bread soup. 


A thick, hearty, cold, tomato and bread soup.


A classic version and a fruit version of the famous cold soup.

Pa amb TomàquetCatalan Tomato bread

Tomato, Stone Fruit, & Chorizo Salad

Nontraditional, satisfying summer fare.


A simple light Catalan salad of bacalao (salt cod).

Mejillones a la Vinagreta

Light, colorful and refreshing Galician starter 

Salpicón de Mariscos

Salad of mixed seafood, popular all over coastal Spain

Raciones | Larger Plates

Empanada de Millo| Cornmeal Empanada

Traditional Galician empanada with a cornmeal crust and fresh seafood filling. 

Empanada Gallega

The famous empanada, including a simple dough recipe, and a filling based on tuna.

Galtas de Vaca Rostidas | Roasted Beef Cheeks

Delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, Catalan recipe​

Migas Catalegas

A hearty, popular dish to use up day old bread with a variety of cured meats.

Gambas con Chocolate

Unique Catalan dish of shrimp in a savory chocolate sauce.

Calamares Rellenos

This is a very common and traditional Catalan preparation for stuffed squid. 

Escudella i Carn d'Olla

A very hearty meat dish popular on Christmas in Catalonia. Also includes a recipe for Sopa de Galets, the soup typically served alongside it.

Callos a la Gallega

Galician tripe stew with garbanzos, pig's feet, and chorizo

Lengua de Vaca con Setas

Catalan style beef tongue with wild mushrooms

Sardinas a la Parilla

Simple grilled sardines, popular in much of coastal Spain, but for me, the taste of Galicia

Sardinas Rebozadas

Battered and fried whole sardines​

Escabeche de Caballa|Marinated Mackerel

Traditional and popular fish preparation for the warm months

Setas con Almejas

A Galician preparation of mushrooms with clams

Bacalao al Pil Pil

The well-known Basque salt cod dish with a special sauce and cooking technique

Suquet de Peix

Light and delicious Catalan fish stew with potatoes and a light tomato broth

Rap a l'all Cremat | "Burnt Garlic" Monkfish

Monkfish braised in a garlicy tomato sauce

Postres | Sweets

Flan de Castañas

A rich, nutty, fall twist on the ubiquitous dessert, using chestnuts to make the custard base.


Several variations of Catalan almond cookies traditionally served for All Saints Day

Leche Frita

A very simple fried custard popular all over Spain

Filloas de Sangre

Galician blood crepes with dried figs and raisins


Citrusy shortbread cookie popular all over Spain, especially for Christmas. Originally from ​Andalucia


Extremely popular around the entire country, a very crumbly cookie with lard, cinnamon, and sesame seeds.

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