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Frequently asked questions
  • What is “Catalego?”
    Catalego = Catalan (from Catalonia) + Galego (from Galicia) Rosa, my life partner, was born and raised in Catalonia, a large region on the North of the Mediterranean (eastern) side of Spain. Her mother’s family is from Galicia, the region just above Portugal on the Atlantic (western) coast of Spain (this means they are Galego). Rosa, quite often, is the lens through which I see and learn about these things, and she is unmistakably Catalega! As such, I am becoming very much Catalego myself. Her father’s family is actually from Andalucía, which adds another layer to the family food and culture, but Catalegoluz is way too difficult to say or spell. I have every intention of using this forum to get into the food and culture of all of the regions of Spain with love and respect as time goes on. I most definitely, though, have a Catalego door through which to enter and explore this world. It’s become a part of who I am, and I am sure it colors the way I interpret everything else.
  • What is this site all about?
    Americans know surprisingly little about Spanish cuisine and food culture, and I want to change that. We will explore lesser-known, sometimes even weird foods from the various regions of Spain, but will also learn about many popular classics. This site will attempt to balance out learning the “real way” to do famous dishes with discovering interesting new regional specialties. Though the focus will be on the comfort food at the heart of the culture, Spain also has some of the best fine dining in the world. Thus, we may occasionally explore some of the fancy, fussy stuff, too. Over time, I also intend to dig into many cultural tidbits that tie into the cuisine. I will eventually begin to get into the wine and spirits, which are every bit as varied, interesting, and delectable as the food.
  • Why do this now?
    As I have begun to spend significant time in Spain, living more with the locals then as a tourist, I’ve fallen in love with the culture, and especially the food. It’s gotten to a point that Rosa and I talk regularly about retiring in Spain, and are slowly plotting and scheming when, how, and where to move. It’s not a passing interest. Meanwhile, I’ve been mulling around various ideas for the last couple years of how to do a book or two on the regional food cultures Spain. This site will help me flesh out some thoughts related to that, but will also, hopefully, generate some excitement and interest in this subject that I love so much, beyond my household and circle of friends. Finally, with the covid crisis causing the cancellation of most of my gigs for this year, I have more time to dive into this than I otherwise would've.
  • What does "TT" mean in recipes?"
    In many recipes, under ingredients, you will see "salt TT" or "pimentón TT," etc. In these cases, TT is shorthand for "to taste." Cooking, especially proper seasoning, is all about using your taste. There are too many variables to list the exact amount of seasoning required for a dish. TT means that you must use your taste and judgement.
  • Can you please post about XYZ?
    Yes! If you have ideas that you’d like to see me delve into here, please let me know. Maybe you have a memory of something you ate in Spain, or even a dish a friend told you about. I am always looking for new ideas to learn, do, and teach. Drop me a line HERE. I can’t promise I will get it up here quickly, but I will definitely take a look. If I can think I can do the subject justice it will eventually make its way to the site.
  • Cuisine and food culture are so much more than food (yeah, I know - not a question)"
    Spain was part of the old Roman empire, and there are ruins in parts of Spain that predate the Romans by a few thousand years! The Moors (Arabs) ruled most of Spain for basically all of the middle ages, and their influence still permeates the culture, language, and food. As much as the Spanish conquest upended the course of history in the Americas, it also completely redirected the culture and food in Spain. Did you know that there are 17 “autonomous regions” in Spain, and that each one has their own history, culture, foods, etc.? Did you know that there are five national languages in Spain? There’s so much interesting cultural and culinary influence from all over the world that there should never be a shortage of ideas to explore. You really can’t understand the food and cuisine without digging a little bit into the culture and history. As I get the site up and running, over time, I hope to be able to delve into fun cultural items beyond the food and drink.
  • Why do I need to create a login?
    You don't! You only need a login for this site if you would like to contribute something to the comment sections, or if you'd like to sign up for an event being advertised here. There will never be any need to create or use a login to explore the content on the site.
  • Who owns the recipes and pictures here?
    All of the recipes and pictures on are the property of Chad Hyatt and Catalego unless explicitly stated. Any recipes or pictures borrowed from anyone or anywhere else will be called out in the specific post. If you wish to share our pictures elsewhere or publish the recipes elsewhere, credit must be given. By all means, please share with your friends and loved ones, BUT you may not publish or use any of the content, recipes, or pictures from the site for commercial purposes without a prior written agreement with Chad Hyatt and Catalego.
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