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What you’ll find inside

The Mushroom Hunter’s Kitchen will open up an entire new world of cooking with mushrooms that you never imagined possible.


From pickles to pork belly, granola to gravlax — even cake and ice cream — you’ll find food for any occasion. 120 recipes strike a happy balance between innovative new ideas and updated classic comfort foods.

The book focuses squarely on wild mushrooms, with common, well-known, and widely-loved edibles, like porcini, morels, and chanterelles, getting a lot of the attention. Many lesser-known varieties are also explored, and most recipes contain notes on mushroom substitutions to make them as flexible and adaptable as possible. The food is approachable and delicious, and recipes range from simple enough for a beginner to teaching new techniques to seasoned home cooks.

Mushroom newbies and expert foragers alike will broaden their mushroom knowledge and find plenty of new cooking ideas for whatever mushrooms are available, whether from the forest or their local market.


From the back cover

“If you ever cook with mushrooms, this book belongs in your kitchen library. Chef Hyatt shares inventive, eye opening, soulful ideas, and the recipes are accurate and true.” 

– Michael Miller, Michelin-starred chef and restaurateur

“What a treat to see a wild mushroom cookbook that isn’t focused solely on a few popular edibles! Chad Hyatt provides wonderful ideas and sound advice for how to make every mushroom hunt successful by encouraging readers to turn many underappreciated wild mushrooms into delicious and memorable meals.”

– David Arora, author of Mushrooms Demystified and All That the Rain Promises and More

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